Doing the Limbo.

So as you can tell by the name and headline of this blog… I am living in “Limbo”,  a recent college graduate situated between the ending of college life, and the beginning of real life.

This is a paradox many of us who are privileged enough to go to, and stubborn enough to finish college find ourselves in. But of course, like most things, everyone experiences something different.

I have friends who knowingly are moving back home and taking their job search off from there. Others with jobs, internships, more schooling secure.

There are the many few who are unemployed and desperate, spiraling into a “not even quarter-life crisis” thanks to current job statistics and general media frenzy.

Then there are those of us who had their life planned, falling into the foremost group of security, to have the rug pulled out from under them at the 11th hour.

I had a job secured at a place I previously interned at, finding myself in no need to plan further, aka no plan B or looking for other options. I was set.

Of course, life isn’t like that. I tend to believe God has a very good sense of humor, if at times it is at my expense, I’ll take it. This though it felt like, took the cake.

As that previously secured job was pulled out from under me, I went into application frenzy. To date I have applied to 200 jobs, gotten 23 first round rejections (which means I didn’t even make it to the interview stage) and landed only 3 interviews.

So, my current internship has been nice enough to extend my time until the end of the summer, while I look for full-time employment. The limbo of life.

As I wait for the results of the 3rd phone interview I mentioned earlier, I realized, there is a lot more to this game then just “getting the job”.  I find myself not only waiting for a “yay” or “nay” but also realizing I am more prepared for the negative then the positive.

Does my confidence warrant me to start packing up now? Should I alert my internship for a possible less then 2 weeks notice? What about housing? Or finding myself immersed in a new city. There is so much the career center, already graduated friends and of course family can help you prepare for, but for the 401(k) jargon, standard of living increase and just all in all REAL LIFE.


When do you ever get settled? When does it transition from young 20s mindset, to the wise money savers, life ready-ers we see in our parents or older family members?

When do we stop living in limbo and start living?

I of course have 0 answers to this, but like the Maximize nerd I am (hello StrengthsQuest) I am oddly excited while being sadly ill prepared to find out. So I started to do what I always did, write.

Write about what I think, what I don’t know, what I’ve learned and hope to learn. Write about the horrible bad things and the awesome things. Write about the books and blogs and conversations that answers life questions.

I write, so you can read, and maybe, find your Limbo a little bit less of a game, and just another step you have to take.


One thought on “Doing the Limbo.

  1. It is comforting to find people who are in the same limbo I am! I also graduated without a plan B. So I guess you could say I am on plan “make it up as I go along.” I love the blog! And to add to your questions: Why do employers post salaries instead of the actual hourly rate we can’t afford to live/pay our loans off with?

    Happy blogging!!

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