Things are never as they seem.

So this blog was supposed to be me writing through my frustrations as a job-less post grad with an action packed resume and seemingly little prospects…

boy was I wrong!

A day before the first entry I had a phone interview with a non-proft in NYC. I applied for the job back in the first week of April. I was surprised but pessimistic as this was one of several phone interviews I had with jobs in the NYC Metro area.

The interview went really well but I still had my guard up. On June 3rd I received a follow-up to talk with other members of the team my position was in and 2 day after that, interviewed with the CEO & CFO.

I moved to NYC on 6/12, started on 6/18. It has been a whirlwind 6 months. From moving to NYC from my tiny town and knowing all of no one, to navigating my first job post-graduation and especially learning the quirky and unpredictable non-profit sector.

I am still in all kinds of limbo and look forward to sharing more!


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