That awkward moment when one year ends…and another begins

Oh 2012.

Despite the fact that people are crazy and made the word Mayan synonymous with YOLO, I can’t say I can complain. This was a year of a lot of overly cliched growth, that thankfully, I’m not too cynical and jaded enough to avoid just yet. Now after a full year in NYC, we’ll see if I am still the same way.

When I started this blog (or at least, the idea of starting this) I was just graduating from college and feeling every which way but right. Applying for jobs I felt either too qualified for or perfect for but that darn 3-5 years of experience slapping me back in my entry-level place. Either way the growth was good because (please feel free to make a throwing-up motion after the following words) as someone who rarely ever failed, it was a HUGE reality check. Every internship from small local companies to highly competitive large corporations, I’ve gotten. As a D1 athlete I thrived on competing, but when you can’t see your competition, and barely know the standards to compete; it makes loosing that much harder.

But with 2012 came a slew of learning experience, revelations and just straight up reality checks. As an avid list-maker here are some of my real LTL moments of 2012 (in no particular order)

  1. Moving alone is one of the worst things ever. When I moved from MO to NYC I was a hot mess.
  2. Everyone was a big fish in a small pond at some point, now their sh!t stinks and they are ready to get back on top.
  3. Non-profits are some of the best work/learning environments ever. Not so much on work/life balance though. But hey, we work hard and play hard too.
  4. You will get sick about 23008041380414 times your first month in NYC.
  5. Craigslist ain’t so creepy, of course still be cautious.
  6. Always ask for feedback on an interview.
  7. Don’t be afraid to apply for something. This is the time to put your best foot forward everywhere!
  8. Keep your friends close, but your co-workers closer.
  9. Confidence is your best asset. Remember they HIRED you! Don’t be afraid to speak-up, think above and beyond the box and get a little dirty.
  10. We’ll have to wait and see what 2013 has to in store for this one…

Happy New Year!


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