Don’t Underestimate the Limbo

So. 10 months after my last post and I’ve been in NYC in a year.

I was going to do a top ten post or a random recount of top NYC memories but really, I’m still in limbo.

I love living here and I love my job. I think my life over the past 14 months in the city can be described as 80% work, 10% Fun and 10% BS-ing. I got so caught up in wanting to “pay my dues” that I made a poor show of living in NYC.

I thought the real learning curve would be transitioning  from student/intern life to full-time work professional life. Eh, I was somewhat wrong. I know my work place is a rare type (at least that’s what my friends tell me). I work at a really small org, with mostly NYC transplants between the ages of 23 (me) and 35. I am the youngest person by 4 years and the only person who moved to NYC dolo solo. My coworkers are AWESOME and we have a lot of fun, but a year later they are still the only people I hang out with say for 2 friends that moved her a few months after me from school.

I’ve never had issues making friends. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m really good at it. I’m a army brat so I moved around A LOT as a child. I went to a large college where I knew no one and made friends with ease. Moving to NYC alone didn’t phase me because, hello, the past four years at college showed that my friend making skills were in tact.

Wrong, oh I am so wrong.

Now I know 95% of my lack-o-friends comes from my own lack of effort. As previously stated I spent a lot of working. Paying my dues, hoping to compensate for my young age with my amazing professional skills and ambition. Career wise it has definitely paid off. Having girlfriends to do random sh!t with. Not so much. So, I made a “New Years” resolution to kick off my second year in the city. This where the listing comes in

  1. Go out more. Now as a recovering workaholic and budding gym rat, this is easier said then done. If I’m not working then I’m working on whipping myself into shape. Which, can be social but as an ex D1 athlete, I take it to another level and prefer to workout alone. So, I’ve joined some meet-up groups that hopefully will hopeful help me exercise my social muscles as they are starting to atrophy.
  2. Reconnect with classmates. Even though I moved to NYC “alone”. Thanks to Facebook I know that I have friends or friends that live here and past classmates that I worked on a project or two with. What better way to to bring up my friend count to single digits then to reach out to only semi-strangers.
  3. Get in the school spirit. The alumni chapter at my school is pretty active. Granted from the FB pics everyone looks 30+. Now, I don’t have a problem having friends that are several years older than me. But, from my experience with my coworkers, they are all on a totally different plane than me lifestyle and mindset wise. Many of commented on my “youth” and the fleeting of theirs or they only want to talk about marriage and which as a extremely recent singleton who is far from any marriage or even dating talk, I have nothing to add to these convos. Regardless, beggars can’t be choosers and I am open to anything.

Of course I hope to find other way to make friends. It’s so sad typing that. I’m failing at being 23 in NYC.


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